Above ground tour on the „Alte Elisabeth“

60 minutes

The offer is only valid by prior arrangement.

April-October 2024 (earlier on request)

Monday-Friday 09.30 – 14.00 hrs
– from 3 persons request under 03731 394571

Saturday and Sunday 10.00 – 17.00 hrs
– only for groups of 10 people or more

Our surface tour opens up a gem of Freiberg mining history, the Alte Elisabeth shaft, an otherwise rarely accessible authentic site in the town of Freiberg. The mine from the middle of the 19th century is still largely as it was, when the last miners left it in 1913. As part of the Himmelfahrt Fundgrube, the Alte Elisabeth mining facilities have also been a UNESCO World Heritage Site >>Montanregion Erzgebirge/Krusnohori<< since 2019. Experience exciting insights into the history of mining and the work-life of the miners, who laid the foundations for the prosperity and technical progress of an entire region here. The Schwarzenberg blower is currently not accessible due to construction work!

  • Duration: 60 min

  • Suitable for children aged 4 and over.

  • Also for people over 75.

Adults: 10 € – from 18 years
Teenagers: 5 € – 14 to 17 years
Children: 3 € – 4 to 13 years

Family ticket: 20 € – 2 adults & 2 children

Underground discovery tour

60 minutes

  • All tours start with a 150 meter hoist ride down the shaft „Reiche Zeche“.

  • Because of health and safety reasons we can´t take children that are younger than 6 years as well as people, that are older than 72 in the open minefield. For those, we offer the underground teachingpath.
  • The temperature is constant over the whole year at 10°C.
  • Dirt-proof overalls, helmet and headlamps are provided for free.

The following groups of people are not permitted to take part in underground tours:

  • Children under 6 years of age
  • Persons with physical disabilities who require mobility aids
  • Persons with a severely disabled person’s pass
  • Persons with mental disabilities
  • Persons with a tendency to epileptic seizures
  • Persons with circulatory disorders
  • Pregnant women from the 1st month on>
  • Persons who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Become an explorer! As you walk through a labyrinth of tunnels, you will learn about the hard and dangerous work of miners, but also why explosives such as dynamite were a blessing for miners. The highlight of the tour is the virtual silver chamber.

  • Duration: 60 Min

  • Length: approx. 500 m

  • For children from 6 years on.
  • Suited for retirees older than 75 years of age.

Adults: 18 € – from 18 years
Reduced: 10 € – 13-18 years and pupils, students & trainees
Children: 5 € – 6-12 years

Group prices from 13 participants

Adults: 16 € – from 18 years
Reduced: 8 € – 13-18 years and pupils, students & trainees
Children: 3 € – 6-12 years