After almost 3 years of closure, the Freiberg silvermines at last welcomes its guests again.
Due to ongoing repair work on the hoist of the second escape route on the Alte Elisabeth shaft,
there can initially only be the explorer tour offered at very limited times

Take a trip into the Freiberg silver mine! This is where the underground heart of Saxony’s silver town beats. For more than eight centuries, the Freiberg mining district was an important centre of mining and Saxony’s most important supplier of silver. The „Himmelfahrt Fundgrube“ with the „Reiche Zeche“ was once one of the most advanced mines in Europe. We invite you! Experience and discover – equipped like a real miner – the depths of the mountain. The hoist takes you down to a depth of 150 metres, where we guide you on various tours through the fascinating underground world.

Explore the traces of mining from the Medival period and up to the present. Our „silver mine“ is part of the research and teaching mine of the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology. You are not visiting a historical exhibition site, but a real mine that is still used in a variety of ways today. Where miners once dug silver, students and scientists now research and teach.