Come and get caught by the fascination of 800 years of mining! Following the long mining tradition of Freiberg you can learn about the efforts and the often harsh working conditions, our ansestors faced, as well as their technical masterpieces over the centurys. Get hands on the geology of the local silver deposit that is written in the walls, by following the actual veins. You want to see modern mining machines work, experience the atmosphere of darkness and silence, that can only be found underground, listen to storys, where historical truth and handed down myths embrace each other and can´t be told from each other in the light of your headlamp?
Than follow us down the 150 Meter in the shaft of „Reiche Zeche“, where you can join us in several tours. We offer different tours, from the one hour teaching path, apropriate for people of all ages and even for wheelchairs up to the 5 hour tour, leading you deep in the farest corners of the mining field.
Further information about tours, costs, opening times and contact you will find on our website.

800years of mining tradition, 1000 ore veins and active mining… The visitor´s mine of Freiberg part of the resarch and teaching mine of the technical university of Freiberg and one of the most important ones in Saxony. The deposit of Freiberg where the basis for the development of Mining- and Metallurgical Industry in the ore mountains.
The „underground Freiberg“ spreads over an area of five times six kilometers underneath the silver city and even wider. 5000 tons of pure silver where unearthed and made Freiberg to Germanys „silver city“

NEW 360° tour

Now you can virtually experience our „Silberbergwerk“ with the 360° tour. Here are some locations and features for your to check out before visiting us personally e.g. the foyer, the changing rooms, Sohle 1 and the „Wilhelmstolln or take a look at our  minerals exhibition. And of course see our  Event location „altes Fördermaschinenhaus“.

There is a way for everybody into the mines of Freiberg! Especially for children (From six years on) and for people going undergrond for the very first time as well as people, that are older than 75 or disabled we highly recommend the underground discovery tour (Entdeckertour)

For the open mine field with all it´s winding tunnels and shafts we offer three different tours. Further information about the mine tour (Grubentour) the adventure tour (Erlebnistour) can find here. currently not on offer

You want to book a tour for your group and can´t find a fitting? For an individual date and time please call us wednesday to friday at +49 3731 394571 at least one week before hand.

Infopoint/cash desk:
Wednesday to Friday except holidays

Tours without booking:
Wednesday to Friday except holidays:
09:30  discovery tour

Tours with booking:
Wednesday to Friday except holidays
11.00 and 12.30

11:00  Adveture tour
13:00  Mine tour

Special offers

„Mettenschichten“ for children or adults.
Surprise your colleauges with an underground event!

currently not on offer

Information at the infopoint or call us at +49 3731 394571.